David Kuyk

David Kuyk, Partner

Senior Web Developer & SEO

David is an enthusiastic web developer & SEO with years of experience helping small and large businesses establish and optimize their online presence. He is passionate, in particular, about WordPress development and has a variety of experiences working with hundreds of different WordPress themes and plugins to find the perfect setup for each business’s unique needs. He is constantly staying updated on the latest speed, security, and SEO best practices and is excited to share those findings with O|M’s clients.

When he’s not obsessing over a website project, he is working on his novel, watching a movie, or enjoying a good hike.

David started his web development journey through his own small business and quickly learned the fundamentals of SEO, online marketing, eCommerce, and web design. In the process, David fell in love with the web development side of his business so much that he wanted to do this full-time. So he sold the business and, over the next few years, dove deeper into web development to become the leader of all website development and SEO for O|M.

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