Traditional Marketing

Be Confident

In today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, O|M breathes new life into traditional media channels, ensuring their relevance and efficiency. Dive in to see how our traditional marketing agency is revolutionizing advertising.

Commitment to Accountability

With our traditional advertising services, we uphold responsibility for your business growth. If we can’t surpass the performance of your current marketing endeavors, you don’t pay our fee.

Trust & Expertise

Our traditional marketing agency is built on trust and nurtured by a legacy of experience. Our team of seasoned experts is entirely devoted to your brand’s success.

Embracing Partnership

At O|M, our clients are our partners. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in a partnership approach where your business objectives and budget are treated with the same care as our own.

Proven Success

Our partners don’t just grow — they flourish. With an average growth rate of 70% within their first year with O|M, our clients’ success stories speak volumes.

Holistic Media Comparison 

Traditional media channels offer unique impact and reach. Whether it’s the broad reach of TV or the localized influence of radio, our traditional advertising agency brings clarity by converting each medium to a unique cost per thousand bases. This unified scale ensures advertisers can compare each channel effectively, making informed decisions.

Tailored Recommendations for Each Channel 

Our traditional marketing agency doesn’t stop there — after our comprehensive comparison, we layer it with qualitative and quantitative data to deliver pinpoint recommendations:


Leveraging television’s visual and auditory appeal, we ensure your commercials leave a lasting impression, maximizing your brand’s resonance.


With the power of voice and sound, we curate radio spots that are heard and felt, striking a chord with listeners everywhere.

Direct Mail/Print 

Our traditional advertising agency forges a personal connection with your audience through tactile print and direct mail. Our designs and content ensure each piece of mail or print is more than just paper — it’s an experience.


Our outdoor and billboard strategies elevate your brand, ensuring it’s seen and remembered. With prime locations and captivating designs, we make the world your canvas.

Ensuring Accountability Across All Channels 

Whether it’s a TV commercial or a billboard ad, every medium must be accountable. Our traditional marketing agency tracks performance and audience delivery using advanced tools and posting strategies, ensuring every dollar spent has a significant return.

A Commitment to Results 

Our proprietary tools optimize performance. Accountability is our mantra. If we don’t enhance and elevate your current marketing plan, our services come at no cost to you.

Building Trust, Channel by Channel 

At O|M, our ethos is clear: build lasting and meaningful relationships. Therefore, we go beyond the transient, focusing on sustainable success. Each recommended channel is backed by research, experience, and a commitment to your brand’s core values.

Meet the Brains Behind the Magic 

Our team of marketing experts is the cornerstone of our success. From TV to print, from radio to outdoor, our expertise spans the length and breadth of traditional media, ensuring effective and transformative strategies.

Your Brand, Our Mission 

Each brand is a unique entity with its own narrative and goals. To meet your needs, we tailor our traditional marketing services to your uniqueness. We don’t just create campaigns. Instead, we craft success stories.

A Tradition of Excellence Across California and the United States

At O|M, we don’t limit our expertise to just Sacramento. Our vision extends across California and reaches the length of the United States. Whether targeting a niche community or aiming for a nationwide splash, our scalable and adaptable strategies ensure relevance and impact wherever your audience is.

Explore Our Traditional Marketing Solutions

Embrace a partnership that promises not just results but also resonance and reliability across vast geographical areas. At O|M, our commitment is to champion your brand, regardless of scale or scope. Whether you’re in the sunny coasts of California or the bustling streets of New York, reach out to us. Together, let’s make your brand a household name across the United States. Connect with our traditional advertising agency today and embark on a nationwide success journey.